Harrisburg, PA − March 16, 2021 −  Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa was today named to the legislative reapportionment committee for the 2021 redistricting. The Constitution provides that the leader of each of the four legislative caucuses serves on the committee.

“It’s my honor to be named to serve on this committee. Drawing legislative districts that will determine representation of our citizens for the next decade is not a responsibility I take lightly,” said Senator Costa. “I am committed to being part of a transparent process and it’s critical that the public is informed and engaged here.”

Senator Costa served on the reapportionment committee in 2011 as well. 

“Ten years ago when we undertook this process, I thought the original maps pushed by the Republican majorities were unfair and I fought them all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court where we were ultimately successful,” said Senator Costa. “I’m again going to champion fair maps and oppose any gerrymander designed to protect any one political party. Redistricting is about ensuring your representation, not anyone’s reelection.”

During the next 45 days, the committee will begin to consider applications for the position of Chair of the committee – the 5th and final member of the group. In the coming weeks, the committee will begin traveling the state to solicit feedback from stakeholders and citizens.