Video Transcripts

Senator Costa Floor Remarks on Paycheck Protection Legislation :: October 14, 2015


Senator Jay Costa: Probably the thing that’s most disturbing to me was discussed yesterday when we amended and discussed the amendment that was put up yesterday relating to this implication that there’s something inappropriate or illegal about the activity that’s been a lawful activity for a number of years and continue to find it offensive that that’s how this is being framed.

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Senator Costa and Democrats Press for Shale Tax to Fund $1 Billion Education Investment :: June 2, 2015


Senator Jay Costa: Thank you. Thank you very much, Senator Hughes, and thank all of you for being here, but, more importantly, the viewers out there. We thank you for being engaged in this conversation, because it is probably the most significant conversation in terms of what we’re going to do here, on the policy issues here in Harrisburg, that we’ve faced in many, many years.

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