Wilkinsburg, Pa. − September 5, 2018 − Today, Senator Jay Costa, Jr. announced the award of $1,000,000 to the Chatham University for the creation of a new turf field after the merger of Wilkinsburg and Westinghouse high schools in the Borough of Wilkinsburg.

“I’m so proud of working with this community to envision something new for Chatham University,” said Senator Costa. “The new Graham Field is a valuable joint venture and I want to thank Governor Wolf for recognizing its importance in our community.”

The state funds will be used for construction costs associated with completion of the project. Construction costs include the replacement of the existing grass field with artificial turf and drainage system, replace and repair fencing around the property and field, resurface the parking lot and install sidewalks, and much-needed lighting.

In addition, the 30-plus year-old stands need new seating and structural improvements and the locker rooms need refurbished and repaired as well as furnishings to make them useable for a variety of teams.

“We are so thrilled to be working with the community to repurpose and renovate an athletic field for our two area high schools, said Rep. Gainey. “It is truly a win-win project for the schools, the kids, and the communities.”

“This is a major win for Wilkinsburg. Graham Field will be completely remodeled and utilized even more by residents,” said Wilkinsburg Mayor Marita Garrett. “In this process, we have ensured that Chatham University is committed to our community to build a foundation for a strong partnership. I truly appreciate Senator Costa and Governor Wolf’s work to make this happen”