HARRISBURG, January 16, 2019 − Today, the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus released its committee assignments for the 2019-20 legislative session.

“Committee meetings offer our members and the public the best opportunity to learn about legislation, and it’s important to assign Senators based on their interest and experience in the subject of each committee,” said Senator Costa. “I believe we have a great roster of committee chairs and members here that will delve into the issues of our caucus’ platform.”

The committees, listed here alphabetically, will have the following members from the Senate Democratic Caucus.

  • Aging & Youth: Maria Collett (Chair), John Sabatina, Jr., Judy Schwank, Christine Tartaglione
  • Agriculture & Rural Affairs: Judy Schwank (Chair), Andrew Dinniman, John Sabatina, Jr., Sharif Street
  • Appropriations: Vincent Hughes (Chair), Judy Schwank (Vice Chair), Jay Costa (Ex Officio), John Blake, Maria Collett, Art Haywood, Daylin Leach, Steve Santarsiero, Sharif Street
  • Banking & Insurance: Sharif Street (Chair), Lisa Boscola, James Brewster, Larry Farnese, Christine Tartaglione
  • Communications & Technology: Steve Santarsiero (Chair), Jay Costa, Tim Kearney, Lindsey Williams
  • Community, Economic & Recreational Development: Larry Farnese (Chair), John Blake, Lisa Boscola, Wayne Fontana, John Sabatina, Jr.
  • Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure: Lisa Boscola (Chair), Maria Collett, Larry Farnese, Steve Santarsiero, John Yudichak
  • Education: Andrew Dinniman (Chair), James Brewster, Daylin Leach, Lindsey Williams
  • Environmental Resources & Energy: John Yudichak (Chair), Andrew Dinniman, Daylin Leach, Anthony Williams
  • Finance: John Blake (Chair), Art Haywood, Vincent Hughes, Katie Muth
  • Game & Fisheries: James Brewster (Chair), Lisa Boscola, Andrew Dinniman, John Yudichak
  • Health & Human Services: Art Haywood (Chair), Katie Muth, Judy Schwank, Sharif Street
  • Intergovernmental Operations: Wayne Fontana (Chair), Art Haywood, Vincent Hughes, Katie Muth
  • Judiciary: Daylin Leach (Chair), Larry Farnese, Art Haywood, John Sabatina, Jr., Steve Santarsiero
  • Labor & Industry: Christine Tartaglione (Chair), Tim Kearney, Lindsey Williams, John Yudichak
  • Law & Justice: James Brewster (Chair), Wayne Fontana, Christine Tartaglione, Anthony Williams
  • Local Government: Tim Kearney (Chair), John Blake, Steve Santarsiero, Judy Schwank
  • Rules & Executive Nominations: Jay Costa (Chair), Lisa Boscola, Larry Farnese, Wayne Fontana, Vincent Hughes, Anthony Williams
  • State Government: Anthony Williams (Chair), Maria Collett, Katie Muth, Lindsey Williams
  • Transportation: John Sabatina, Jr. (Chair), John Blake, James Brewster, Tim Kearney, John Yudichak
  • Urban Affairs & Housing: Katie Muth (Chair), Wayne Fontana, Tim Kearney, Sharif Street
  • Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness: Lindsey Williams (Chair), John Blake, Maria Collett, Andrew Dinniman