Legislation Introduced

Senate Bill 310 − Integrated Delivery Network Contract Dispute Resolutions

This legislation amends the Health Care Facilities Act by setting additional requirements on hospitals operating as part of an integrated delivery network.

SB 311 – Patient Access and Consumer Choice

This legislation would enact the Assuring Patient Access & Consumer Choice Act, by establishing the same contracting requirements on hospital-owned physician practice organizations operating as part of an integrated delivery network.

Senator Costa on the Issue

Sen. Costa Response to UPMC Ruling in Commonwealth Court

I am disappointed to see UPMC prevail in today’s ruling from the Commonwealth Court. Their unwillingness to prioritize patient care ahead of their profit margin cannot go on. If we don’t have a solution to the contract dispute by June 30, many folks in Western Pennsylvania will be thrown into health care chaos.

I’ll continue my work on the legislative solution, and I hope that AG Shapiro immediately begins work on an appeal of this decision to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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