Senator Costa Statement Regarding the Release of the Grand Jury Report on Abuse in the Catholic Church.

PITTSBURGH, PA − August 14, 2018 − Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, Jr. released the following statement regarding the release of the Grand Jury report on abuse in the Catholic Church:

I applaud Attorney General Josh Shapiro for his committed work in creating this grand jury report and ensuring its release. The public has a right to know about alleged abuse in the Catholic Church. Across the state, the Church has been a centerpiece of the community and in so many cases, it has violated the trust we put in it to protect our children and serve as the standard of good morals. As a parent and as a Catholic, I am extremely disappointed at what has been alleged in this report. It has shone a light on disturbing practices of the Church, which must cause this alleged criminal behavior and its coverup to stop. Moving forward, we should all support the victims through the long and difficult healing process.

Senator Costa Congratulates School Districts Awarded Health Food Grants

Allegheny County, Pa – July 30, 2018 – Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced $5 million in grants to school districts that are providing students with fresh fruits and vegetables during the school day; several of the grant awardees are in Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa Jr.’s district in Allegheny County.  “Access to fresh foods and knowledge about nutrition builds a foundation for health that can last a lifetime,” said Senator Costa. “I’m so proud of the schools in our area that are not only taking steps to teach their students about healthy food choices, but providing those healthy options during the school day as well.”

Senator Costa Hears Testimony on Improving Police & Community Relations

Wilkinsburg, Pa. − July 17, 2018 − Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, Jr. today attended a joint hearing of the Pennsylvania House and Senate Policy Committees regarding police and community relations. “Improving relations between police departments and the communities they serve is a critically important topic, one that hit very close to home last month with the officer-involved shooting death of Antwon Rose,” said Senator Costa. “We did not arrive at this hearing with the belief that we had all of the answers to the questions our communities have, but I am impressed with the panelists we heard from and they’ve given us a lot to think about as we move forward.”

Senator Costa to Introduce Police Training Legislation

PITTSBURGH, PA − June 29, 2018 −In the wake of tragic officer-involved shootings across the commonwealth, and the nation, I am developing and will be introducing legislation to address these situations. I believe it is important that the General Assembly develop and enact legislation that provides improved training for police to know when to use force, particularly deadly force.  Additionally, it is important that our police receive additional training to promote better relations with the communities they police. Finally, it is important to make available enhanced mental health services to our police and community members. 

Senator Costa to Hold Telephone Townhall on September 20, 2018

On Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 p.m., Senator Costa will hold a live Telephone Town Hall Meeting. Participants will be able to ask questions as well as listen to a discussion about issues that are important to our area.



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The Wall of Faces

In the 43rd

Senator Costa is touring new businesses, meeting with established business owners, and checking out the notable institutions of the 43rd District. Come along in this web series, In The 43rd!

Real Id Act

Real ID Act

Pennsylvania is under a REAL ID enforcement extension until October 18, 2018, which means that Pennsylvania residents will not face access issues when entering federal facilities through that date.  


ALCOSAN's Clean Water Assistance Fund

The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority has created the Clean Water Assistance Fund to help families pay their sewage treatment bills. This program serves low-income residential customers in the 83 municipalities that ALCOSAN serves. It is administered by Dollar Energy Fund.

Pennsylvania Legislative Arts and Culture Caucus


The Pennsylvania Arts and Culture Caucus, a bi-cameral, bi-partisan caucus, was established in October 2012 with the purpose of providing caucus members access to the latest research, education and policy developments on arts and culture.  Additionally we support caucus members in their efforts to draft and pass legislation that advances arts, culture, and tourism in the Commonwealth.

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